Monday, January 14, 2008

Out of the loop

Sorry to everyone that I have not called or anything lately. I have been busy and stressed. Kind of doing my own thing the last month or so. But I guess most of you guys were used to me not calling anyway. I was even 2 days late on calling my dad and telling him happy birthday. Guess I am the bad daughter again.
My friends have a new addition, new addition (I typed it twice for a reason) to there family.

Mischa and Tasha (but that might not be the correct order)

Want to have Devin be quite and still, give him a newborn baby!!!

I am actually having a low key week for once. Sick today and tomorrow. I have Jerri's kids on Wednesday, the kids get to see the above babies on Thursday and then nothing else planned. Pretty excited about not doing anything. It has been too long.

Now to find free events in Austin I can take the kids to this weekend......

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