Thursday, December 20, 2007

No time for blogging

Things have been crazy, between Devin's birthday, baby shower, Christmas parties, and just life in general I have had no time for blogging. Plus Kodak Gallery is not playing nice with me.......[whining]

So Kylea got hold of $50.00 [insert mad face here], which I believe is too much money for the work she did. But anyway, in true Kylea fashion she will spend it all on other people for Christmas. Well that and Hot Cheetos. It is amazing how I never buy her anything or give her money and when she actually gets money she will spend it all on other people. I guess I am doing something right!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One, two, skip a few

Going to skip several days and posts and go straight to last night.

Chon Som Fear Factor

With your hosts Nat and Alisa. Filmed by Billie aka Mom.

The challenge was to eat a raw fish eyeball for $20 or a cooked one for $10. If you know Kylea you know what she picked.

She may be kissing the fish now but soon she will have his eye!

Here is Nat scooping the eyeball out of the fish head for Kylea.

Finally it came out. The eyes are a lot bigger when you take them out of the head.

Now here are the video's!!!

Still fighting with You Tube on the last video, and that is the best one. Once I get it uploaded I will post it for everyone to see.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mini ramp finished

So Monday Richard took a few hours off of work to finish the ramp. We wanted to make sure that it was done by the time Devin got home.

Here is the work he did on Monday.
The (almost) finished ramp.
Devin and the kids around the neighborhood did not waste any time testing it out.
Here is an action shot.
He almost decided to try dropping in, but was not ready. I think he will in a few weeks. He now has all the kids from blocks over coming to skate with him, including kids from the Jr. High. I hope it is not to much pressure for him. We will just have to talk about it.
I am excited about his party this Saturday. I will be glad when it is over though. If you are reading this then you are more then welcome to come to the party and have fun playing games with the kids and eating pizza and cake.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mini Ramp - First half

Devin is getting a mini ramp for his birthday. My friend Richard is designing the ramp and then helping me build it. Well actually I am helping him build it. Jason was supposed to help but didn't make it. We were hoping that he would help but kind of figured that he wouldn't show up. He works second shift and sleeps a lot.Here is how things are going so far.
Here is where it is going to be.

The transitions are cut.

Richard marking where the 2X4's will go

Testing out how strong the boards are so far.

Richard cutting the PVC pipe for the ramp.

Starting to take form

Where the pipe goes

I had to actually work

Richard testing it out

How we left it.

I think it will be finished tomorrow. Richard had to spend at least one day of the weekend with his wife. I can't wait to see the look on Devin's face when he sees this.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back from camping

We made the 500 miles back from Big Bend and arrived home late on Friday. After making the kids unpack the car while I was taking a shower I was exhausted. Sue Ellen stayed the night since I didn't want to drive to Elgin after going that far already.

Devin had decided he wanted Ethan(Shane's youngest boy) to stay the night, which means that Taylor (Teri's daughter) needs to also. Then Kylea had Alex stay the night as well. So I have a 11, 13, and 15 year old girls in the house. But since they stayed away from the boys all was good.

My friend Amy came by and she ended up staying the night. It was odd for me to have a sleep over. Been a very long time since that has happened. It was very good to see her and I am glad that she will be moving back to Austin. She thinks at the end of the school year, and that will be good. Austin is the place to be!

Since the kids were busy with there friends I was able to get most of the stuff unpacked and put away. Now it is back to regular life, for a few day anyway.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Camping for Thanksgiving

This was the second year that I took the kids to Big Bend National Park camping for thanksgiving. This year we also took my friends daughter Sue Ellen.

The drive up there was very cramped. Too much stuff and to many people in my car. I really need to get a truck for next year.

We got to the park around 3 am and started looking for a camping spot. All of them were taken and I was getting cranky. Finally around 8 am I went and talked to these people that were in the area we stayed last year and they let me know about someone that was leaving that day. SCORE! We got a spot and about 10:30 started setting up camp.
Once the tent was up we all decided to take a nap. Devin of course said he was not tired but he would lay down anyway. We all went to sleep and Kylea woke me up with an upset stomach. I didn't know how bad it was until she finally sat up and puked all over herself. I am quick to react to this (have done it may times before) and grabbed the two towels I packed. We managed to not have to bad of a mess but the towels and Kylea were done for. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up while I was left with cleaning the inside of the tent. The whole while Devin is sleeping. And this from someone who wasn't tired.

So we spent the only day with nice weather cleaning and washing clothes. Kylea did however get to drive on one of the dirt roads.

Thanksgiving we managed to make it out to the Window trail. We did this one last year and just had to do it again.

OK, so I am tired and don't feel like typing anymore. Everyone was talking about snow so we ended up leaving on Friday instead of Saturday. If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can click here. Please keep in mind that I left all the pictures in the slide show. Even the ones the kids took. And I hope you can tell which ones they took. LOL

My first post - here is why

I miss blogging. My original blog is down due to reason I will not discuss on this blog, but most of you know why.

So this blog is going to be about my other life. The one with the kids. This is really the most important part of my life. I never really blog about it because I used blogging as a way to get out the confusing part of my life. I am not confused about my life with the kids.

But as I get stressed and things in my life get hectic I will distance myself from those around me. Especially family and friends. So if you want to know what I have been up to here is peek into the life I have with my kids.
Title - The title of this blog is what I usually tell the kids when they ask for something to drink. Kylea has told me on several occasions that when she gets her own place to live she is only going to offer me milk or water to drink while she is drinking soda or tea. LOL - And that is one reason why I call them the damn kids.