Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Green Belt

I think we have found a new place to hang out at. The greenbelt. I have no idea exactly where we were at, just somewhere around 360. Kylea has a new friend that is into going outside and doing stuff like that. I am excited because it will get Kylea out more.

Kylea caught some tadpoles in her water bottle and managed to get a few minnows. We put them in the tank with her little turtle and the damn thing ate all the tadpoles and 3 of the minnows in one night. We might be going back to get more, it will give the turtle a bit of a variety to eat and give us a reason to go hang out more.

We are planning on going this weekend and actually hanging out for the day. Swimming, sun, sandwiches, it should be a good time. We will take an ice chest, and not even worry about having to leave. Shawn and his daughter are going so that will be good. Kylea will take her new friend for sure if not another one. Hmmmm, maybe I will see about taking Sue Ellen. That is something to think about.

Anyway, here are some pictures that Shawn took while we were out on Sunday. I showed Devin and he is excited to be able to go see it this weekend as well.

Here is one of me and Kylea trying to get tadpoles and minnows.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boxing class

It is interesting alright. They keep switching the boxing teacher for Devin's class and they are all way too nice. They need someone that can keep all the kids busy the whole time. Right now Devin is doing hand stands while the teacher is showing another kid some techniques. I told the teacher he needed to keep him busy the whole time, but so far he has not taken my advice. Poor guy.

Kylea and I are in the same class. She hates it right now. But it was her idea and I signed up for three months. So she has to stick with it until that is over at least. As of right now Kylea told me that the neighbor girl is going to sign up for the classes too. I will see that when it happens. I hope she does, it will get Kylea more motivated to work out in the class and I won't be wasting my money. Please she does no other activities so I would like for her to stick with something for once.

Kylea is still struggling with school, but more because she learned how to work her teachers and get out of paying attention and doing work. She is too smart for her own good.

Devin is at the end level for 1st grade and has been there since about mid year. Not any issues with him in school. I think this school is going to be a good one for him.

Not a whole lot new with me. Work is keeping me busy, but it is interesting what we are doing and I am liking it more then I was a few months ago.

That is about all for now...