Sunday, January 20, 2008

I think I make to many muffins

" Compare & Save" says the Jiffy box. Well that is what I have done. It seems like I am making muffins at least three times a week for breakfast. Usually I buy the MARTHA WHITE mix but then saw that the Jiffy mix was a little cheaper.

The price difference is about $0.11 between the two. However when making them the M.W. calls for 1/2 cup of milk and the Jiffy calls for 1 egg and 1/4 cup of milk. I started thinking what the real cost was making these.

1 egg - $0.12*
1/4 c milk - $0.05*
1/2 c milk - $0.11* (I am rounding and that is how I got 11 cents instead of 10)

$0.63 - Jiffy mix
$0.12 - 1 egg
$0.05 - 1/4 c milk
$0.80 - Total cost

$0.74 - Martha White mix
$0.11 - 1/2 c milk
$0.85 - Total cost

So far it looks like the Jiffy is cheaper. When you make the 6 regular muffins you cannot tell the difference. But when you make the mini muffins you only get 20 and with the M.W. you get 24.

$0.04 - cost per mini muffin for Jiffy**
$0.035 - cost per mini muffin for M.W.**

When you break it down by cost per muffin the Martha White is the better deal.

So what has this told me (other then I think to much when making these things)? That really there is not much of a difference.

I like the taste of the Martha White muffins better, plus they have chocolate chip ones, so that is the route I will take. I hope this comparison was not to boring and maybe a little helpful.

*The cost was an estimate based on my memory of the cost of the product and not the actual price.
**If my math is off a little I have several kids running around right now and driving me crazy.


s is for said...

you have too much time on your hands

Denise said...

Wow. I have never seen a cost comparison on muffin mixes before. mmmm muffins. I have started the whole personal trainer/meal program thingy. So no muffins for me. :(

PlaysByEar said...

Nice post. I will try Martha White next time I make muffins!

Chief said...

Hey, Great to hear from you!! I miss your other blog, mostly because I wasn't on the cool list to read it any more =;-p

BRAE said...

Don't feel bad, no one is on that list. But once things have settled I might bring it back up.

Chief said...

Still happy to hear from you.

Bone Sucker said...

Next, she'll be after the toilet paper. We're going to need a cost per wipe analysis asap!!!