Monday, January 21, 2008

The damnits and skateboarding

It was Jamie and Dan's anniversary this past weekend so I had the boys over on Saturday night. You know what that means.......Devin, Danyn, and Dillion the three damnits! My friend Shawn brought his daughter Natalie over. She is a cute 3 year old blonde and Dillion fell in love! Even asked her to sit by him when we ate pizza.

The kids had a blast and there was a little to much rough housing, but that is to be expected from three (4 if you count Shawn) boys. But Natalie held her own with them.

Sunday was a skateboarding day. The Skate Park of Austin is closing. The 26th is going to be there last day open. This is where Devin first learned to skateboard about 3 years ago. Four of the boys that were there had been at my house the night before skating on Devin's mini ramp. Shawn also showed up. The boys all had a good time and it will be said for me when they close. I have spent many hours there watching Devin fall, cry, get mad, get hurt, and do stuff for the first time! I am hoping that Rick will let me have Devin on Saturday so I can take Devin.

On a Devin note I am starting to really not like him being gone for a week at a time. Need to work something out with Rick so I can get him in the middle of the week or something.

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