Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mini Ramp - First half

Devin is getting a mini ramp for his birthday. My friend Richard is designing the ramp and then helping me build it. Well actually I am helping him build it. Jason was supposed to help but didn't make it. We were hoping that he would help but kind of figured that he wouldn't show up. He works second shift and sleeps a lot.Here is how things are going so far.
Here is where it is going to be.

The transitions are cut.

Richard marking where the 2X4's will go

Testing out how strong the boards are so far.

Richard cutting the PVC pipe for the ramp.

Starting to take form

Where the pipe goes

I had to actually work

Richard testing it out

How we left it.

I think it will be finished tomorrow. Richard had to spend at least one day of the weekend with his wife. I can't wait to see the look on Devin's face when he sees this.

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Trojan said...

You have to be the fucking coolest mom ever...jeez