Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow a month already

since my last post. I would say I am slacking but really it is a time thing.

Work has been insane for me lately. Lost of changes in the logistics world so I am trying to take on new projects so that way if my company does end up doing away with in house shipping I will have somewhere to go. I am down to only one night at Chon Som, which is very good. But I have added college on my schedule again. Just one class right now but I am glad to be back at it.

One good thing is that my iron is good. I don;t have to go back till July. I expect it to be good at that check up since I am getting the NovaSure surgery in a couple weeks. This will mean less blood out of my body and I am pretty sure it will help with the iron.

So we are down to 5 months for the big move in together. So far we have only seen 4 bedroom houses available top rent. It would be nice to find a 5 bedroom but not sure if there will be one available when we need it.

Here are some links to the event we did this weekend with the girls

The youtube clip has me in it holding my sweetleaf tea.

Here is the link to the girls on flickr. The girl in the middle is Alex, she lives next door but is always at my place.
And if you are interested in what was going on here are more links to explain it better.

Austin flash mob
Grand Central Station freeze

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