Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still no time

The website is on hold till I can create a 30 hour day 8 day week. I wish I didn't need so much sleep! That takes up way to much time out of my day. Even with getting the iron infusions I am still super tired all the time.

Here is a quick update of all the kids. I will start from oldest to youngest.

Kirsten - She got all A's and B's for the first 6 weeks. CPS extended her stay with us until the end of the year. She has also started to go with her mom on the weekends. She comes back with a little attitude but that is expected.

Kylea - Still struggling with school but has shown some interest in maybe getting into some sort of sports. Here is part of an email her math teacher sent me today. Sigh.....

Ok, here is how tutorials went

3:40 arrives

3:48 stops arguing about being here

3:48 leaves to tell friends that she has to stay

3:50 came back from talking to friends

3:54 left to talk to friends

3:55 back

4:00 left

4:01 back with friends to help her

4:02 finished one sheet and left

Devin - He is finally growing! I think he is pretty much going to skip size 6 and go right into a size 7. He is doing really good in school. He even helped Kylea with some math homework one night. It was just problems like -9 -8= and -5 - -3=, but still pretty good! We still have our battles since he is so hard headed, but at least he tried to dance with me at his school's sock hop.

Natalea - She is doing really good in preK. She is ahead of her class in almost everything. She is doing really good with becoming independent at my house. She still is very sensitive and cries a lot but Shawn and I are working on it. At least the best we can.

He likes to talk her out of it and calm her down to find out the issue, where I would just rather let her cry and then carry on after she is done. We will figure out something, I am not worried about it.

As for Shawn and I, we are doing just as good as always. Trying to find adult time only is impossible at the house so we take every chance we can to go out and do stuff together. Doesn't happen very often but we have a good time when we do.

I hope everyone has a good week!

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Bone Sucker said...

I so know the feeling of not knowing whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt..... You get used to it!!!